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How Many Balls Can You Keep In The Air

For many companies life at work just seems to get busier all the time. Just when you’ve got used to juggling the tasks in hand, new priorities land on your desk and suddenly it’s a whole new ball game. That’s where BTE Productions can help. With the experience to take work from concept to completion, we can provide thoroughly professional marketing and promotional support. This allows you to concentrate on core activities, secure in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

Is Your Digital Presence Up To 2022 Standards?


Digital Media plays a vital part in todays communication, and your website and social media following can become your shop window to the world. HTML emails can quickly and efficiently maximise any promotional campaign, allowing you too see who has not only received your email, but also the number of times they may have opened it. Over the last 20 years, helped by our sister company Bespoke Creative Solutions, we have been at the forefront of digital media technology, and our video, digital media and web design services have been trusted by a host of companies based in the UK and worldwide. Bespoke Creative Solutions have worked for a string of high profile media titles including the Daily Mirror, Golf World, Golf Monthly and Condé Nast. Many of these clients are recognised high street names, and recent work includes building websites and orchestrating digital media campaigns for the House of Lords, Autism Unseen, and Julia Martin Productions, highlighting the confidence that these clients have in using our digital media design services.

With the pressures of day-to-day business it is all too easy to let your website and digital foot-stamp fall behind, and to deliver an online presence that misses the mark both in content and technical capability. Part of the digital marketing service that we offer to our managed tribute artists and booking clients is to help identify new design and development standards that will make their digital presence not only stand out, but will also provide an engaging and dynamic user experience. 2022 will continue to focus on a shift towards mobile responsive websites, web based video, functional clean-cut designs, and trackable email and social media campaigns, all of which will have a significant impact on the way your message is perceived. BTE Productions can help you maximise your web, email and social media presence.

Responsive Websites

With a team of University graduate web design professionals on call, we can deliver engaging websites, packed with dynamic features, that will make your business stand out. We also take great pride in not only completing our projects on time, but also within budget, and we often have great introductory deals regarding single and multiple page design projects.

We Design for Mobile Platforms

With the ever increasing trend of accessing websites via mobile and smart devices, it is imperative that your website is mobile responsive, and not just mobile friendly. Many web designers are lulled into thinking that a mobile friendly website will suffice, but the user experience of having to pinch and zoom the page to make it readable, simply drives customers away. We will design your website so that it looks and works equally well on all devices, and if after a consultation with us you feel that you would benefit from a unique bespoke Smart App, then we can also build that for you too.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere

Creating a great website is only the first step in building your digital media presence, you then need to direct potential customers to your site. We can help with digital marketing, be it SEO, building customer databases, accessing social media platforms, or developing html emails targeted to specific audiences with full analytical capabilities. We can take the guess work out of wondering if your email was seen or read, and deliver you a report on when your email was opened, the number of times it was viewed and how many unique clicks were made in response to any URL links that you embedded in your email.

Bespoke Creative Solutions have now built six websites for our company, all of which were within budget and launched ahead of schedule. The service was fabulous, and we have agents and customers from around the world who comment on the quality of our websites. Bespoke now handle all our digital marketing, recently compiling a database of theatres for us, sending out regular html email and social media campaigns on our behalf. The additional work we have had back far outweighs our production and monthly retainer costs.

– Julia Martin