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After the success of the Autism Unseen Kilimanjaro Challenge where Julia Martin helped raise over £40,000 to send a team of autistic young adults to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Julia and BTE are now raising funds for the AUTISM UNSEEN Tall Ships Challenge.

.Julia Martin accompanied by her fellow musicians will in 2024/25 be touring an ‘Evening with Celine Dion by Candlelight’. This unique and ambitious tour will be performed not only in Cathedrals and Minsters throughout the UK, but also in a number of Cathedrals overseas. These exceptional Evenings by Candlelight certainly provide a unique Wow Factor, and are enhanced by the on-stage placement of hundreds of LED flickering candles, multiple video screens and a spectacular moving-head light display. When combined with the outstanding performances of Julia Martin and her individual band members, this Candlelight Production delivers an unforgettable display of  concert entertainment that is guaranteed to enthral the audience. 

The purpose of this tour is three-fold, firstly to deliver a breath-taking visual and vocal performance, secondly to raise awareness of the problems associated with autism, a disability that impacts on 1 in 4 families in the UK, and thirdly to help raise £100,000 for the Tall Ships Challenge, further details of which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Julia Martin performing her Celine Dion Concert.

What makes this show so unique is the pedigree of the tribute artist Miss Julia Martin, who has performed in over 3500 concert productions around the world and is a multiple-award-winning Celine Dion artist. In this sensational production you are being entertained by what is arguably the world’s leading Celine Dion performer , with audience members around the world commenting that not only was it a breath-taking production, but that they also felt they were being entertained by Celine Dion herself. Costumes worn in this production are exact copies of the gowns worn by Celine in her Vegas residency and her Courage Tour, and the mannerisms, stage presence, and vocal accuracy of Julia’s portrayal of Celine have brought audiences to their feet and have led the BBC to comment ‘Outstanding Performance’, and Sky Television to comment ‘Simply Phenomenal’. Celine Dion’s sister commented whilst watching Julia perform her Celine show in Dubai, that ‘it was the best Celine tribute she had ever seen’, and that it was ‘just like watching Celine on stage’. Celine Dion who also spoke with Julia in Dubai endorsed the quality and accuracy of Julia’s Celine Show and wished her well in all her future endeavours.

Julia Martin performing her Celine Dion Tribute in Dubai

Celine is known for a clear mezzo-soprano voice and her five-octave range. Julia matches this skill, with an amazing ability to re-produce Celine’s incredible vocal range, a feat that very few Celine tribute artists can match. This means that Julia is able to perform each and every one of Celine’s songs in the original key, thus ensuring a vocal performance that is so true to the original that people in the audience could almost think that Julia was miming. Julia is also one of a select few Celine Dion tribute artiste that can perform a selection of songs in Celine’s native French language.

‘It is safe to say that Julia Martin is yet again setting the benchmark with her innovative and outstanding tribute to Celine Dion’

In addition to raising the profile of the difficulties that autistic individuals are experiencing on a daily basis, this incredible tour will also be raising  funds for the Autism Unseen Tall Ships Challenge. This is a challenge where Autism Unseen will be taking groups of autistic and special needs young adults, accompanied by team buddies, and sailing them 1,675 miles around the UK in a 70 foot Challenger Racing Yacht. This is one of Autism Unseen’s most ambitious challenges to date, and the first time that a challenge of this nature has ever been set. These individuals will be recruited from each city/town that is visited and Autism Unseen envisage that this will help bring together local communities in support of what is often referred to an unseen disability.

This Cathedral and Minster tour will be supported by local press, radio and TV, and autistic individuals who are selected to take part will play an important part in delivering a message with regards what it is like to suffer from autism, and the difficulties that they experience. By the time these Tall Ships Challenge participants have completed their voyage they will be much more self-assured, confident, and ready to meet head-on the daily challenges of being autistic.

By the time the tour is completed, it is also anticipated that the general public will be more aware of the social problems associated with autism, and more supportive of the difficulties that this disability places on these autistic individuals. It is further hoped that improvements can be made to eliminate the bullying that takes place and to help address the lack of work opportunities for these autistic individuals, many of which are desperate to work but are not given the opportunity. For further information on the work of Autism Unseen please CLICK HERE

We are looking for the support from Cathedrals and Minsters in the UK to maximise the impact and publicity connected with this tour, and we would hope that you will consider being associated with such a worthwhile venture