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 Live Video Streaming, Video-on-Demand   
& Pay-Per-View

Bespoke Video-on-Demand

Experience breathtaking HD Live Multi-Bitrate video streaming, delivered to all desktops and mobile devices, giving you a true edge for your customers viewing experience no matter what device or connection speed. We can enable you to start broadcasting your meetings, seminars, fashion shows, instruction videos, via your own website or social network, to a worldwide audience, without any ads, with the ability to earn a revenue from each connected viewer. All payments from your viewers are made directly to your online bank without waiting times. If your business is planning to add streaming videos, video-on-demand, or pay-per-click to your website, then give us a call, so that we can create a bespoke solution for you.

Video delivery worldwide to Desktop, iOS and Android mobile devices is not an easy job, but thanks to our creative partnership with the world’s No1 streaming video provider, we’ve made it possible for you to not only stream your events live, but also to create a revenue out of your video content. Whats more with our background in broadcast television, we have the expertise both in people and equipment to be on hand should you want us to film and edit your productions.

Live Video Streaming

Video on Demand

Pay Per Click

No Client Sign-Up Required

There is no need for your customers to go through a lengthy signup processes when trying to view a video on pay-per-click as we have designed the system so that the viewer simply chooses their video and makes the payment quickly and easily. Once payment is completed the viewer can start watching. We can set the pay-per-click to a number of purchase options, including single payment and recurring payment plans, you can even pre-sell tickets for future live events that you intend to stream. What’s more you’ll receive payments immediately to your selected online merchant account, as all payments are sent directly from your viewers to your account, with no waiting times for the funds to be released as payouts to you.

Let’s Work Together

Our creative team of scriptwriters, producers, directors, web designers, editors and camera personnel can call upon a combined wealth of talent and experience, in order to provide you with a unique bespoke solution to your digital TV needs.